Garden Path


Massachusetts Chapter,
American Needlepoint Guild (ANG)

Chicago Chapter,
American Needlepoint Guild (ANG)

Illini Needlers,
American Needlepoint Guild (ANG)

Shenandoah Valley Chapter,
American Needlepoint Guild (ANG)

Cyberpointers Chapter (ANG)

San Bernardino Chapter (ANG)

Cape Cod Chapter (ANG)

San Diego Chapter (ANG)

Mile High Chapter (ANG)

Central Massachusetts,
Embroiderers’ Guild of America (EGA)

National Embroidery Teacher’s Association (NETA)


Bachelor of Science in Education: 1968

Elsa Williams School of NeedleArts
- Certified Teacher: 1980

Journeyman Level, Master Teacher Program
(MTP) of ANG: 1989

Fellow Level, MTP/ ANG: 1990

Master Level, MTP/ ANG: 1993 

Senior Master Level, MTP/ ANG: 1997

Renewal (biennial) of Senior Master,
MTP/ANG: 1998 - 2014


ANG National Seminars from 1990 - 2014

Various EGA Regionals, ANG and EGA Chapters, Callaway School of Needlearts, and needlework shops across the country

Two - five weekly classes at local needlework shops 1986 - present


Awarded the Chottie Alderson Scholarship
for Teaching Excellence, MTP/ANG, 1989

Served on the National Nomination
Committee of ANG, 1993-1995

Chairman of Standards and Ethics for
the MTP/ANG, 1994-1996, 2008 - present 

Chairman of Program Review
for the MTP/ANG, 1996 – 1997, 2008 - 2010

Master/ Senior Master Proctor
for the MTP/ANG, 1997 -2001

Vice-Chairman (Proctor Coordinator)
of MTP/ANG, 2002 - 2004

Chairman of Master Teacher Program
of ANG 2004 - 2008                               

Designer, committee member -
“Stitching for Autism”, Mass. Chapter (ANG)
philanthropic fundraiser for Autism Speaks,
2010 - 2012

Designer - “Nina’s Legacy” for
San Bernardino Chapter (ANG), 2011